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Artists: Fareed Hattar – Jordan


Fareed Hattar is a Jordanian tattoo artist and sculptor, owner of Fareed Hattar Tattoo Shop in Amman, Jordan. He started tattooing in 2000, his style is black and gray, realism and portraits. Check out his work in the artist list and book a session with Fareed! [LINK TO POST: ]      

Press Reviews_2 Our Story.


At the beginning of the story, in 2011, Nowhereland Tattoo Studio have already been on the pages of Rolling Stone Magazine Italia, Total Tattoo, Skin & Ink and La Cité. Articles and pictures by ©Ines Della Valle Rollins Stone Magazine – “Dove il tattoo è peccato”   Total Tattoo – “Nowhereland Project”   Skin &Continue Reading

The first edition of the Cairo Tattoo Convention.


The Cairo Tattoo Convention 2014: for the first time, all the Egyptian tattoo artists have been gathered and presented to a local and international audience. The event hit the attention of the main magazines, newspapers and tv, announcing that “Egypt tattoo artists meet in Cairo, aim to break taboos”. Here some pictures!