Artists: Eugenia Delphine – Spain/Germany


Cairo tattoo convention welcomes Eugenia Delphine! Eugenia will be working in the convention doing scarification but also she will have a booth with any kind of information about SUSPENSIONS. She represent Endorphins Rising which is a ‪“hooklove” family, dedicated to providing people with new sensations and adrenaline, in a respectful and calm environment. We welcomeContinue Reading

Artists: Noemi Morico – Italy


Noemi Morico, Italian tattoo artist born in Rome in 1981, has always been attracted by art and the study of the same in all its forms, she specializes in the technique of tattooing the body, micro pigmentation facial and piercings. In her career carefully, with infinite patience she has discovered the gift of teaching, still teaching inContinue Reading

Artist: Ona Cots – France


Ona Cots had really clear that she wanted to be a tattoo artist since she was a child, while she was developing her drawing skills and starting her learning process, she get lost on stages letting out the character of Lady Pain and turning her emotions in all kind of performances with suspensions, fakirism, butohContinue Reading