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Are you born an artist and are you experienced in entertaining the crowd with your special gifts?
Let the crowd enjoy your act on performance at the Cairo Tattoo Convention 2015!

Are you an artist, an artisan, a calligrapher or a crafter?
Show us your work and bring it to the Cairo Tattoo Convention 2015!

Featured Performers

The Cairo Shakers

The Cairo Shakers is an open collective for DJs, VJs and musicians gathered around live performance collaborations. Spearheaded by Hicham Ezzat (DJ) and Tefa (VJ), Cairo Shakers has recently presented performances of freestyle DJing with live violonist Ibrahim Kenderian or percussionist Peter Nabil, wrapped in Tefa’s larger-than-life visuals.


Abra Xas


By listening to radio shows, movies and environmental sounds, he selects and processes them, producing rhythms and melodies in an eclectic atmosphere.
You can listen to his amazing tunes here:

Mostafa Onsy


Mostafa Onsy is an Egyptian DJ who fell in love with music .. started with hiphop to metal and ended up with techno and electronic music
he hosted his first radioshow online in 2010 on insomniaFM then he started djing in clubs! he’s known with his dark banging techno and he doesn’t give a shit about your Requests!

The Real Techno Shit by Mostafa Onsy on Mixcloud

Todd Roderick



Todd Roderick is a young Dj with an already long career in the underground music scene, both in Russia and in Egypt.

Last year he represented the Jumanji Club in Surgut (Russia) and he has been the resident Dj at the BB2 Club (Cairo) and Dice Club (Cairo) for the Hangover Team Entertainment.

His heart beats for RnB and Hip Hop, and he will delight us with his best selection.


Dj Khail

Musician and dj.

He started doing dj sets in clubs and squats in Italy, playing mostly drum and bass, in 2010.

Since He moved to Cairo He started his personal research of eastern sounds.

He’s a party animal and sometimes you may find him in parties with his phone, ready to make you dance.

Project Pole



Project Pole will be featuring at the Tattoo Convention in 2015. Our aim is to introduce Pole fitness as a sport in Egypt. We currently have 2 studios in Zamalek and Mohandeseen. Awaiting to open 4 more studios in Heliopolis, New Cairo and Zamalek.We will be an interactive exhibition demonstrating the art of Pole Fitness.

At the convention we will have the following:

*A portable stage with spinning pole made of chrome. Height 2.5m diameter 1.5m.
*2 International performers.
*5+ girls doing repeat demonstrations on the pole.
*All performers from Project Pole are available to use as models for body art.
*Posters/flyers with information on what the activity is that we are demonstrating,
who it is for, what are the benefits etc.

We hope to see the audience throughout the days getting involved with our exhibition and create a fun atmosphere.

Mia Carter




From Cairo, Ahmed Nagah Hussien Mohamed AKA Nofal is a 20-year-old student at the Faculty of Arts.

He got into graffiti when he started to listen to Hip Hop music from the 80s and 90s and that affected him so much he wanted to add his own touch. He tried to become an MC but he realized that he was really into graffiti after all.

His knowledge has grown since 2009 influenced by American artists like Cope2 and T-Kid, so now his skills in typography has improved and he has developed his own character: Nofal.

He is keen on graffiti art especially because it’s a thing that he can do without expecting the acceptance of anybody. When he goes to draw, he just imagines himself in Brooklyn making some good stuff on the walls with the artists he likes.

He is in love with graffiti and he says that he will keep drawing whatever it costs him.

Nina Kamal


Nina Kamal is a self-taught make up artist in special effects, body painting and beauty, with a passion for art in general.
Nina will have a booth at the Convention.
You can check her work on the Facebook page: Nina Kamal


DSC_1224 (1)

“I’ve just started working on wall murals six months ago, but it has become a fast obsession. it is not so different from painting or illustrating, and actually more liberating because there is no time to take a rest, no excuse when a mistake is made, and no small movements but a freedom to stretch the body and indulge in dynamics.

Small mistakes don’t matter on a large canvas.”

and also, here are the samples of my artwork: illustrations and murals.


Ali El Sebai


Born and raised in Cairo, Ali El Sebai is a street performing juggler who is inspired by art and what artists have to offer. He believes in  the power of art to transform, to illuminate, to educate, inspire and motivate and has a passion for learning and growing. Ali has dedicated himself to the local art scene in Egypt aiming to raise awareness to it and be a part of its development.