Orne Gil - Italy

Orne Gil

Nowhereland Tattoo

Keeps on pushing for new ideas, designs, color-use and diversity in the local and regional tattoo artmanship

In 2006, Orne Gil was studying political science and human rights at the University of Padova. That same year she began an apprenticeship at “Blue Velvet Tattoo Studio” under the tutorship of Paulo A H Mcintyre, tattoo master and friend. During the first 4 years of Orne’s tattoo career, she was in contact with different tattoo artist who focus their work on Old School and Japanese styles. At Blue Velvet she was able to learn from artist like Vicente Ibanez (Important tattoo artist from Chile and South America and in Europe) and Jose Serra, an Italian tattoo artist and owner of Love and Glory studios in the north of Italy.
From 2005 until 2011, Orne started coming to Cairo where she soon discovered an unspoken link with the Cairene city environment. As she began tattooing in Italy, she also brought the art and the materials in her backpack to Egypt. From one client to the next, she slowly created a base that recognized the art and Orne’s progressing style.
In March 2012, Orne opens an underground tattoo studio in the Mohandeseen sector of the city. Here is where the project starts taking place for the first 3 months. After a few months in Mohandessin, Orne moved her studio to various underground locations in Zamalek – one of the oldest and more exclusive areas in the heart of Cairo – it has decadence.
Orne keeps on pushing for new ideas, designs, color-use and diversity in the local and regional tattoo artmanship.

Today, despite the odds between the arts and the status quo everywhere in the Middle East, Nowhere Land continues the promotion of tattoo art and culture in the region. In 2014, Orne put together the first local rendezvous of Middle East tattoo artist under the umbrella of the 2014 Cairo Tattoo Convention. In 2015, Nowhereland tattoo studio will relaunch the second edition of the Cairo Convention with a new larger set of artist friends from the region, and an expo of culture and art in the Egyptian capital.

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