Where do I buy the tickets for the Cairo Tattoo Convention and how much do they cost?

Tickets are available from today for a first round of pre-sales!

To book your place please call 01069545736

Pre-sale: One day ticket 150EGP / Two days ticket 250EGP

At the door: One day ticket 200EGP/two days ticket 400EGP

How can I get an appointment to have a tattoo during the Cairo Tattoo Convention 2015?

Choose the tattoo artist you prefer in the artists gallery (a web link is offered to let you discover the work of each of them and their contact details). Once your choice is done, contact him/her directly (by email or otherwise). Please note that the Cairo Tattoo Convention is not responsible of managing your appointment. Depending on your application and his availability, the tattoo artist will tell you his/her possible options.

Is admission free for people who get a tattoo there?

No invitation is intended for visitors who will get tattooed during the Cairo Tattoo Convention 2015. The execution of the tattoos only involves tattooers and their clients: the payment of a tattoo is exclusively done to the artist who made it. The organizers of Cairo Tattoo Convention 2015 don’t take any money from this payment: only tickets sales makes the event possible.

Is it free for children?

With a proof of identity, access is free for accompanied children under 12 years old. Please take care that your kids don’t get hurted or bother the artists during the convention. The organization of the Cairo Tattoo Convention 2015 is not responsible of any casualty happened during the event. If an accident that includes a substantial damage of the equipment or any other work/place material occurs, the parents or family of the kids will be responsible also for the refunding.

Can we take pictures?

Yes, if you don’t disturb the work of the tattooist and if you respect intellectual property rights. Photography books or the use of the pictures without permission is forbidden. For any professional inquiry, please check the “press” section.

Are pets allowed?

The tattoo is a sensitive procedure that requires high standards and regulations for health. In order to ensure a clean and safe work environment, no pets are allowed inside the Cairo Tattoo Convention.

For any other enquiries you can write us at cairotattooconvention2015@gmail.com